Seicho-No-Ie for Green Energy Movement: Make a Difference with Your Donation

  • Green Energy Generated
  • Our Kyoto Plant:

    104,804 kWh (in Jan. 2023)
    15,461,237 kWh (accumulative since Mar. 2015)

  • Our Fukushima Plant:

    43,139 kWh (in Jan. 2023)
    6,090,951 kWh (accumulative since Jan. 2016)

  • Our Oita Plant:

    15,880 kWh (in Jan. 2023)
    459,003 kWh (accumulative since Oct. 2020)

Voices from donors

Many have already joined the Green Energy Movement

Here are some of the encouraging comments from those who have already made their donations. We have been receiving more and more support from environmentally conscious people, both SNI members and non-members alike. We really appreciate your continuous support!

Ms. H from Tokyo

I heard about this movement from a friend. I’m not a SNI member, but the idea of this movement resonated within me, so I made my donation. I was a bit afraid that this would be a part of their missionary work, but that was not the case at all. I can’t say that I’m a perfect eco-friendly citizen, but I feel that I’ve been able to do my small part through this movement.

Mr. M from Fukushima

I heard from a fellow SNI member at my Fukushima Truth of Life Center that there’ll be a green energy facility in my area, so I made my donation with my family. Especially after the 3.11, the energy problem is not somebody else’s issue, so I hope that not only the SNI members but also non-members take it to heart and join this movement.

Ms. Y from Osaka

With hopes of contributing to environmental goodness and well-being of my daughter’s family, I made my donation in the first round of fundraising under the names of my daughter, her husband, and her child on my grandchild’s birthday. Shortly after that, I heard that her husband got promoted at his job, and I was so thankful. In the second round, I made my donation under the names of all four of us. I want to take this as my opportunity to start telling future generations the importance of doing something about environmental issues.

Mr. T from Kyoto

My dream is to have a solar-powered house of my own and save energy substantially. However, since I work abroad, away from my family, that’s not an easy task. When I heard about SNI’s Green Energy Movement, I made my donation for the Kyoto Mega Solar Power Plant in Joyo as my way of showing support for environmental causes.