Seicho-No-Ie for Green Energy Movement: Make a Difference with Your Donation

  • Green Energy Generated
  • Our Kyoto Plant:

    104,804 kWh (in Jan. 2023)
    15,461,237 kWh (accumulative since Mar. 2015)

  • Our Fukushima Plant:

    43,139 kWh (in Jan. 2023)
    6,090,951 kWh (accumulative since Jan. 2016)

  • Our Oita Plant:

    15,880 kWh (in Jan. 2023)
    459,003 kWh (accumulative since Oct. 2020)

Green Energy Movement

Give us a hand to help mother nature give again

Our Green Energy Movement welcomes environmentally conscious people all around the globe to help realize renewable natural energy. With your donation, you can help us install natural energy power plants. Funding raised from these systems will allow the Movement to expand, helping us realize sustainable power generation caring for Earth.

The drawbacks of nuclear power and environmental protection

Since the 3.11 incident in Fukushima, the drawbacks of nuclear power have been pointed out. There are numerous issues that still have not been sufficiently addressed such as the risks of nuclear accidents, safe storage and disposal of radioactive waste and used nuclear fuel, etc. On the other hand, Japan’s electricity consumption keeps increasing, demanding an enormous volume of power generation volume.

Impact of energy deregulation

For these reasons, the Japanese government is pursuing a policy of energy deregulation. Regulations on energy supply were changed in April 2016, and retailing of energy to consumers has been completely liberalized.

The Green Energy Movement is our way of entering into this market, and the electricity generated through Seicho-No-Ie natural energy power plants will be sold and supplied to general households. The electricity will also be used for the planned new building of the Oita Missionary Area Center. This building is aimed to be 100% self-sufficient in terms of energy, almost unequalled anywhere in the world.
By joining our Green Energy Movement, you can help us tackle environmental issues with us instead of leaving them in the hands of the government and experts. Together we can make a difference.


Seicho-No-Ie “Office in the Forest”

Seicho-No-Ie International Headquarters, which also acts as the office of Green Energy Movement, is housed in “Office in the Forest”, the first Zero Energy Building (ZEB) office in Japan. The office generates and supplies to itself all the electricity it needs.The electricity generated by solar power and wood biomass power is stored in lithium ion batteries and provides for all the electricity needs of not only the office itself but also of our electric vehicles (buses and cars).