Seicho-No-Ie for Green Energy Movement: Make a Difference with Your Donation

  • Green Energy Generated
  • Our Kyoto Plant:

    197,162 kWh (in Apr. 2016)
    2,204,404 kWh (accumulative since Mar. 2015)

  • Our Fukushima Plant:

    87,275 kWh (in Apr. 2016)
    292,033 kWh (accumulative since Jan. 2016)

Information on showing donors’ name for the plant in Fukushima Nishigo

10 10月, 2017

Donors’ names to the solar plant in Fukushima Nishigo for the period of February to December 2016 are now shown on the website. (Person who wish to be listed only)

By viewing this page you can check the solar panel you donated for.

Please click on the below URL for the donors’ name pages:

These websites are not available on the smartphone, PC only.

●The combination of alphabet and numbers such as D-13-2 on the website page indicates the place of solar panel and nameplates located at the site.

●Pink marks on the air photography in each page indicate roughly where the nameplates are located.

●Each square showing the donors’ name indicates one solar panel with the output of 255W.

The nameplates at the site of the solar plant in Fukushima Nishigo are made of aluminum composite plate as per the pictures below.


The names of donors who donated to the plant in Fukushima Nishigo after January 2017 will be planned to be shown on the nameplates and website in August 2018.

The names of donors who donated to the Joyo, Kyoto Mega Solar Power Plant can be checked on the PC by clicking on the URL below.