Seicho-No-Ie for Green Energy Movement: Make a Difference with Your Donation

  • Green Energy Generated
  • Our Kyoto Plant:

    197,162 kWh (in Apr. 2016)
    2,204,404 kWh (accumulative since Mar. 2015)

  • Our Fukushima Plant:

    87,275 kWh (in Apr. 2016)
    292,033 kWh (accumulative since Jan. 2016)

Seicho-No-Ie for Green Energy Movement website launched

24 4月, 2016

We have launched a website to introduce our “Seicho-No-Ie for Green Energy Movement” to environmentally conscious people from all around the world.

We ask that you join this movement for promotion of renewable, clean energy, without depending on nuclear power.



You can start making a difference by helping us reduce CO2 emission through your donation.